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Bemisia argentifolii is a race of B. tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae): the molecular genetic differentiation of B. tabaci populations around the world

  • P.J. De Barro (a1), J.W.H. Trueman (a2) and D.R. Frohlich (a3)

The phylogenetic relationships between genotypes of Bemisia tabaci were compared using ITS1 and CO1 nucleotide sequences. Phylogenetic and minimum spanning network analyses identified six major races, Asia, Bali, Australia, sub-Saharan Africa, Mediterranean/Asia Minor/Africa and New World as well as a large collection of genotypes from the Asia region with no strong association with any of the races. The term race is based on its usage in Mallet (2001). Mating incompatibility occurs between some races. There is insufficient data to raise races to species status, but the data supports the recognition of the six races and an unresolved core of ungrouped genotypes under the single Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) species name. To clarify the identity of the race to which the B. tabaci under investigation is known, the following nomenclature is suggested, B. tabaci (Asia), B. tabaci (Bali), B. tabaci (Australia) B. tabaci (sub-Saharan Africa), B. tabaci (Mediterranean/Asia Minor/Africa) and B. tabaci (New World). Further, there is insufficient molecular or biological data to support the separation of B. tabaci and B. argentifolii Bellows & Perring and its use should be discontinued.

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