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Laboratory studies on the life-history of Valanga nigricornis nigricornis (Burm.) (Orth., Acrididae)

  • M. L. Kok (a1)

Descriptions are given of all growth stages of Valanga nigricornis nigricornis (Burm.). The hopper instars (normally six in the male and seven in the female) could be distinguished by the development of the external genitalia. Under laboratory conditions (mean 27–9°C and 80% r.h.), the life-cycle was completed in 6½–8½ months, and the females had a mean fecundity of 158. Crowding slowed the growth rate of the adults, extended the pre-oviposition period from 60 to 65 days at 30–9°C and reduced fecundity. It is concluded that the low fecundity and slow life-cycle preclude the possibility of the species becoming a widespread pest.

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