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Existence of Taut Foliations on Seifert Fibered Homology 3-spheres

  • Shanti Caillat-Gibert (a1) and Daniel Matignon (a1)

This paper concerns the problem of existence of taut foliations among 3-manifolds. From the work of David Gabai we know that a closed 3-manifold with non-trivial second homology group admits a taut foliation. The essential part of this paper focuses on Seifert fibered homology 3-spheres. The result is quite different if they are integral or rational but non-integral homology 3-spheres. Concerning integral homology 3-spheres, we can see that all but the 3-sphere and the Poincaré 3-sphere admit a taut foliation. Concerning non-integral homology 3-spheres, we prove there are infinitely many that admit a taut foliation, and infinitely many without a taut foliation. Moreover, we show that the geometries do not determine the existence of taut foliations on non-integral Seifert fibered homology 3-spheres.

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