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CNSF 2016 Society Prizes
Congratulations to the following CNSF members that have been awarded 2016 Society Prizes.
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Canadian Neurological Society

2016 Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize

Recipient: Raed A. Joundi
Predictors of dysphagia screening after acute ischemic stroke: Who gets tested?

2016 Andre Barbeau Memorial Prize
Recipient: Fablo Augusto Nas
Two definite sudden unexpected deaths in epilepsy in a family with a DEPDC5 mutation

Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology

2016 Herbert Jasper
Recipient: Dragos Nita
Burst-suppression EEG is reactive to photic stimulation in comatose children with acquired brain injury

Canadian Neurosurgical Society

2016 K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize Basic Neuroscience Research
First Place Recipient: Michael Tso
Whole genome expression profiling of blood-brain barrier endothelial cells after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage

Second Place Recipient: Andrew Jack
Motor cortex electrical stimulation to promote spinal cord injury repair in an animal model

2016 K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize Clinical Research
First Place Recipient: Daniel Yavin
Intrathecal morphine following lumbar fusion: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Second Place Recipient: Cameron Elliott
Progressive contralateral hippocampal atrophy following surgery for medically refractory temporal lobe epilepsy