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Sexual and Other Axis I Diagnoses of 60 Males Arrested for Crimes Against Children Involving the Internet

  • Richard B. Krueger, Meg S. Kaplan and Michael B. First

Objective: This study was conducted to describe Axis I sexual diagnoses of 60 males arrested for possession of child pornography obtained via the Internet and/or attempting to meet children via the Internet.

Methods: Data was obtained from a chart review of evaluations conducted on 60 males referred for a psychosexual evaluation following an arrest for possession of child pornography and/or attempting to meet children. All crimes involved use of the Internet. Information obtained from the chart review was entered into SAS. All diagnoses were made according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Simple descriptive statistics were computed and cross tabulations were tested for significance using χ2 or Fisher's Exact test.

Results: Of the total sample, 40% had at least one paraphilia. Thirty-one percent had a diagnosis of pedophilia and 18% of a paraphilia not otherwise specified (NOS). Thirty-three percent had a sexual disorder NOS, characterized by hypersexuality. Seventy percent of the total sample had an Axis I disorder that antedated and was judged to be contributory to the behavior leading to their arrest.

Conclusions: This sample of men arrested for committing crimes against children and adolescents via the Internet has a high incidence of lifetime sexual and other psychopathology.

Corresponding author
Richard B. Krueger, MD, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Unit #45, 1051 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10032; Tel: 212-740-7330, Fax: 212-740-7341; e-mail:
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