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A palaeoenvironmental interpretation of the Silurian rocks in the Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Gary Robertson (a1)

Silurian sediments up to 2500 m thick are exposed in the Pentland Hills, SW of Edinburgh. These sediments, the North Esk Group, are here sub-divided into five well-defined formations: the Reservoir Formation, Deerhope Formation, Cock Rig Formation, Wether Law Linn Formation and Henshaw Formation. The Wether Law Linn Formation is further sub-divided into three members. Based on limited palaeontological evidence, the sediments appear to be late Llandovery (crenulata Biozone) to Wenlock in age. The Silurian sediments represent a regressive sequence, passing from offshore submarine-fan turbidite facies, through shallow marine sediments, with an abundant flora and fauna, possibly a barrier complex, to terrestrial red beds of Old Red Sandstone facies. Changing faunal associations in the shallow marine sediments reflect the availability of different substrates. The regression occurred on the southern margin of the Midland Valley graben.

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