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Relative importance of urban and non-urban land-use types for potential denitrification derived N2O: insights from a regional study

  • Hui-Juan XU (a1) (a2), Manuel DELGADO-BAQUERIZO (a3), Fu-Xia PAN (a1), Xin-Li AN (a1), Brajesh K. SINGH (a3) (a4), Sardar KHAN (a1) (a5), Gang LI (a1), Jian-Feng TANG (a1), Xiao-Feng ZHAO (a1), Huai-Ying YAO (a1) (a6) and Yong-Guan ZHU (a1) (a7)...


Identifying the relative importance of urban and non-urban land-use types for potential denitrification derived N2O at a regional scale is critical for quantifying the impacts of human activities on nitrous oxide (N2O) emission under changing environments. In this study we used a regional dataset from China including 197 soil samples and six land-use types to evaluate the main predictors (land use, heavy metals, soil pH, soil moisture, substrate availability, functional and broad microbial abundances) of potential denitrification using multivariate and pathway analysis. Our results provide empirical evidence that soils on farms have the greatest potential denitrifying ability (PDA) (10.92±6.08ng N2O-N·g–1 dry soil·min–1) followed by urban soil (6.80±5.35ng N2O-N·g–1 dry soil·min–1). Our models indicate that land use (low vs. high human activity), followed by total nitrogen (TN) and heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd) was the most important driver of PDA. In addition, our path analysis suggests that at least part of the impacts of land use on potential denitrification were mediated via microbial abundance, soil pH and substrates including TN, dissolved organic carbon and nitrate. This study identifies the main predictors of denitrification at a regional scale which is needed to quantify the impact of human activities on ecosystem functionality under changing conditions.


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Relative importance of urban and non-urban land-use types for potential denitrification derived N2O: insights from a regional study

  • Hui-Juan XU (a1) (a2), Manuel DELGADO-BAQUERIZO (a3), Fu-Xia PAN (a1), Xin-Li AN (a1), Brajesh K. SINGH (a3) (a4), Sardar KHAN (a1) (a5), Gang LI (a1), Jian-Feng TANG (a1), Xiao-Feng ZHAO (a1), Huai-Ying YAO (a1) (a6) and Yong-Guan ZHU (a1) (a7)...


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