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III.—A Synopsis of the Remains of Ganoid Fishes from the Cambridge Greensand

  • Arthur Smith Woodward


The remains of fishes discovered in the Cambridge Greensand are all very fragmentary, and have not hitherto been subjected to the detailed comparison with other Cretaceous Ichthyolites which their interesting stratigraphical position renders desirable. Many specimens, however, are capable of at least generic determination, while many others are sufficiently characteristic fragments for the definition of the species. The present writer has thus been much interested during the past few years in studying collections of these fossils, and the following notes embody some of the results in reference to the ganoid fishes. The British Museum (Natural History) having recently acquired the collection made from the Cambridge Greensand by Mr. Thomas Jesson, F.G.S., nearly all the known species are now represented here; but the writer has also availed himself of the privilege of making use of the fine series in the Woodwardian Museum, Cambridge, and the Philosophical Society's Museum, York, thanks to the kindness of Professor McKenny Hughes, Mr. Henry Woods, and Mr. H. M. Platnauer. Mr. James Carter, M.R.C.S., has also kindly lent some Pycnodont jaws from his private collection



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page 207 note 1 Woodward, A. S., Geol. Mag. [3] Vol. X (1893), p. 435, Pl. XVI, Fig. 4.

page 208 note 1 Woodward, A. S., loc. cit. 1893, p. 492, Pl. XVII, Figs. 3, 4.

page 213 note 1 This species may be characterized thus: Rostrum much elongated, and attaining a length of at least 0.19 m., with a transverse diameter of 0.02 m. at its base where the vomerine teeth are implanted; laterally compressed in its proximal half, the transverse section here being an oval with vertical long axis (Fig. 2b); circular in transverse section in its distal portion (Fig. 2e); the top of the base gradually becoming flattened as it passes into the cranial roof. External ornament as in P. ferox

page 214 note 1 Woodward, A. S., “On the Affinities of the Cretaceous Fish Protosphyræna,Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. [6] vol. xiii (1894), p. 510, footnote.


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