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Notes on the Triassic biostratigraphy of Svalbard

  • E. T. Tozer (a1) and J. R. Parker (a2)


A revised interpretation of the sequence of marine invertebrate faunas from the Svalbard Triassic is given. Correlations are made with the unusually complete sequence now recognized in Canada. The position of the faunas is given in terms of the recently proposed lithostratigraphic scheme. In the Lower Triassic, Griesbachian, Dienerian, Smithian and Spathian faunas are represented; in the Middle, Anisian and Ladinian. In the Upper Triassic only a small part of the Karnian is represented by a marine fauna. No new faunas are recorded but for the first time three ammonoid zones are discriminated within the Anisian.



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