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  • International Journal of Astrobiology, Volume 5, Issue 3
  • July 2006, pp. 269-275

Context for the ESA ExoMars rover: the Panoramic Camera (PanCam) instrument

  • Andrew D. Griffiths (a1), Andrew J. Coates (a1), Ralf Jaumann (a2), Harald Michaelis (a2), Gerhard Paar (a3), David Barnes (a4) and Jean-Luc Josset (a5)
  • DOI:
  • Published online: 23 October 2006

The recently approved ExoMars rover is the first element of the ESA Aurora programme and is scheduled to deliver the Pasteur exobiology payload to Mars by 2015. The 0.7 kg Panoramic Camera will provide multi-spectral stereo images with 65 ° field-of-view (1.1 mrad/pixel) and high-resolution (85 μrad/pixel) monoscopic ‘zoom’ images with 5 ° field-of-view. The stereo wide-angle cameras (WAC) are based on the Beagle 2 Stereo Camera System heritage (Griffiths et al. (2005). Planet. Space Sci. 53, 1466–1488). The Panoramic Camera instrument is designed to fulfil the digital terrain mapping requirements of the mission as well as to provide multi-spectral geological imaging, colour and stereo panoramic images, water vapour abundance and dust optical depth measurements. It can also be used for high-resolution imaging of inaccessible locations on crater walls and to observe retrieved subsurface samples before ingestion into the rest of the Pasteur payload.

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