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Probing the chemical and mineralogical characteristics of the Martian meteorite NWA 7397 through μRaman and μXRF non-destructively

  • Bruno Leonardo do Nascimento-Dias (a1), Douglas Galante (a2), Davi Oliveira (a1) (a3) and Marcelino Anjos (a1) (a3)


Martian meteorites have valuable information about past geological processes on Mars. In this particular case, the sample used was the Martian meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 7397. The main objective was to conduct preliminary analyses of the sample that was able to provide mineralogical characteristics in a non-destructive way. These meteorite NWA 7397 analyses were performed using two analytical techniques, μRaman and μXRF. Through the techniques used it was possible to suggest the presence of chromite, ilmenite, magnetite and forsterite minerals. These minerals seem to have a correspondence to one another in relation to the process that formed them. Thus, the information generated by these analytical techniques can contribute significantly by providing information on the history of Mars in order to have relevance to the areas of Astrobiology and Planetary Sciences.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Bruno Leonardo do Nascimento-Dias, E-mail:


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