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Quasi-elliptic dual-band bandpass filters based on series-cascaded multi-resonant cells

  • Andrea Ashley (a1), Dakotah J. Simpson (a1) and Dimitra Psychogiou (a1)


This paper reports on quasi-elliptic dual-band bandpass filters (BPFs) that were designed for the Filter Student Design Competition of the 2019 European Microwave Week. The proposed lumped-element (LE) BPF concept is based on two dual-band transversal cells and one multi-resonant cell that allow the realization of symmetric and asymmetric dual-band transfer functions shaped by six poles and five transmission zeros. A compact implementation scheme based on LE series resonators is proposed for size compactness and wide spurious free out-of-band response. For proof-of-concept demonstration purposes, a dual-band LE prototype with two passbands centered 1 and 1.5 GHz was designed, manufactured, and measured. It exhibited the following radio frequency measured performance characteristics. Passbands centered at 1.02 and 1.45 GHz, minimum insertion loss levels of 2.0 and 2.7 dB, and bandwidth of 146 and 105 MHz, respectively, for the first and the second passband, and out-of-band rejection >30 dB between 0 and 894 MHz, 1.17–1.34 GHz, and 1.72–6.9 GHz.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Andrea Ashley, E-mail:


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Quasi-elliptic dual-band bandpass filters based on series-cascaded multi-resonant cells

  • Andrea Ashley (a1), Dakotah J. Simpson (a1) and Dimitra Psychogiou (a1)


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