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Evaluation of the ambulatory and home care record: Agreement between self-reports and administrative data

  • Denise N. Guerriere (a1), Wendy J. Ungar (a2), Mary Corey (a2), Ruth Croxford (a3), Jennifer E. Tranmer (a1), Elizabeth Tullis (a4) and Peter C. Coyte (a1)...


Objectives: Although measuring the utilization of ambulatory and home-based healthcare resources is an essential component of economic analyses, very little methodological attention has been devoted to the development and evaluation of resource costing tools. This study evaluated a newly developed tool, the Ambulatory and Home Care Record (AHCR), which comprehensively evaluates costs incurred by the health system and care recipients and their unpaid caregivers.

Methods: The level of agreement between self-reports from 110 cystic fibrosis care recipients and administrative data was assessed for four categories of health services: home-based visits with healthcare professionals, ambulatory visits with healthcare professionals, laboratory and diagnostic tests, and prescription medications.

Results: Agreement between care recipients' reports on the AHCR and administrative data ranged from moderate (kappa=0.41; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.16–0.61) for physician specialist visits to perfect (kappa=1.0) for physiotherapy visits.

Conclusions: By evaluating and standardizing a resource and costing tool, such as the AHCR, economic evaluations may be improved and comparisons of the resource implications for different services and for diverse populations are possible.



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Evaluation of the ambulatory and home care record: Agreement between self-reports and administrative data

  • Denise N. Guerriere (a1), Wendy J. Ungar (a2), Mary Corey (a2), Ruth Croxford (a3), Jennifer E. Tranmer (a1), Elizabeth Tullis (a4) and Peter C. Coyte (a1)...


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