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  • Bertalan Németh (a1), Marcell Csanádi (a2) and Zoltán Kaló (a3)


Objectives: Our objectives were to assess the current implementation of health technology assessment (HTA) in Hungary and to identify country-specific patterns of challenges and potential improvements.

Methods: We applied a structure that can be used to create HTA implementation roadmaps to evaluate various issues regarding HTA implementation. A comprehensive description of the Hungarian HTA system is presented according to relevant literature and experiences of the authors.

Results: By investigating eight components of HTA implementation, we identified the most important strengths and weaknesses of the Hungarian system. More specifically, we were mainly focusing on the emergence of HTA capacity, the establishment and current role of Department of HTA, the complex process of decision making, the quality elements developed in the near past, and the activity of Hungarian experts at international collaborations.

Conclusions: We concluded that there is a sophisticated methodological and educational basis for HTA in Hungary. A permanent focus on capacity building and changes to the reimbursement procedure can further improve transparency and the scientific basis of decision making in the country.



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  • Bertalan Németh (a1), Marcell Csanádi (a2) and Zoltán Kaló (a3)


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