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Herbicide Management of Umbrella Dracaena (Dianella ensifolia) in a Florida State Park

  • Jeffrey T. Hutchinson (a1), Elizabeth A. Gandy (a2) and Kenneth A. Langeland (a1)


We evaluated herbicide treatments for control of umbrella dracaena, locally invasive in central Florida. Biannual treatments of imazapyr (3.2 and 6.4 g ai L−1), metsulfuron (0.08 and 0.16 g ai L−1), and imazapyr (0.8 g ai L−1) plus glyphosate (19.9 g ai L−1) reduced cover to < 3% at 12 mo, but no treatment eliminated the plant. In contrast, a single treatment on individual potted plants in greenhouse trials was highly effective with ≥ 98% necrosis/chlorosis at 6 mo and no regrowth at 9 mo posttreatment for most treatments. Management of umbrella dracaena will require more than two herbicide treatments with imazapyr, metsulfuron, glyphosate, or a combination of these herbicides if eradication is to be achieved. Because it is currently problematic and localized in one specific area in about 40 ha, it should be a high management priority before it spreads throughout Florida and possibly other states.


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