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Investigations on the Uruk Mound, Abu Salabikh, 1990

  • Susan Pollock, Caroline Steele and Melody Pope


A second full season of archaeological investigations was undertaken at the Uruk Mound, Abu Salabikh in the spring of 1990. The aims of this season's work were to begin to explore in some detail variations in production, exchange, and consumption of subsistence and craft goods within the Uruk community. Both the aims and the strategies employed were outgrowths of our previous work at the site which had sought a broad understanding of the kinds of activities in which the community as a whole was engaged (Pollock 1987, 1990a, 1990b).

The purpose of this report is to present briefly the results of the 1990 season as they appear to us shortly after leaving the field. More in-depth analysis and interpretation will be offered in subsequent publications.

As before, our field strategies included a mix of techniques. Surface mapping and surface scraping were utilized to provide extensive coverage of the site and a broad view of community layout and distributions of activities. In contrast, excavation offers more limited exposures but also far more precise and detailed information on contexts.



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