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III. The Welfare Services in Indonesia, 1900–1942*

  • P. Boomgaard (a1)


It was a reluctant Dutch government, representing an equally reluctant Dutch population, that had to recognize the independent Republic of Indonesia in 1949. The so-called decolonization process had been a traumatic experience for all parties concerned. The academic community in the Netherlands was no exception to this rule, and Dutch ‘Indonesian studies’ went into a long hibernation. This applies particularly to the study of the welfare services, an aspect of Dutch colonial rule that had been the pride and glory of civil servants and scholars alike (many of them former civil servants).



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* I am indebted to Judith van Oosterom for her critical remar ks on my English.

III. The Welfare Services in Indonesia, 1900–1942*

  • P. Boomgaard (a1)


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