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Fatty acid profile and coagulating ability of milk from Jersey and Friesian cows fed whole flaxseed

  • Mariangela Caroprese (a1), Roberta Mancino (a1), Maria Giovanna Ciliberti (a1), Aldo Di Luccia (a1), Barbara La Gatta (a1) and Marzia Albenzio (a1)...

The experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of a moderate level of flaxseed administration on milk coagulation properties and fatty acid profile of milk from two different breeds. The experiment was performed on 20 Italian Friesian cows and 20 Jersey cows divided into 2 groups of 10 animals each. The experimental diets were (1) a traditional diet (CON) administrated as unifeed and no supplemental fat and (2) a diet supplemented with 0·5 kg/d of whole flaxseed (FS). Cows were milked twice daily and milk yield was recorded. Milk samples were analysed at 1, 15, and 30 d of the experiment for composition, pH, and milk coagulation properties. To verify the effects of flaxseed administration on the coagulation properties of milk from Friesian and Jersey cows, an electrophoresis study on casein fractions was performed. Milk fatty acid profile can be improved by administrating a moderate level of flaxseed in the diet, however, milk fatty acid profile from Friesian and Jersey cows showed different contents of C18 : 1 trans-11, SFA and MUFA. The results demonstrated that milk coagulating ability can be increased by flaxseed administration in both breeds as a result of different aggregation of casein micelles.

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