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Fat content and fatty acids profile of colostrum and milk of primitive Konik horses (Equus caballus gmelini Ant.) during six months of lactation

  • Jan Pikul (a1), Jacek Wójtowski (a2), Romualda Danków (a1), Beata Kuczyńska (a3) and Jacek Łojek (a4)...


The effect of the stage of lactation, the number of foals and age of the mare on changes in the fat content and fatty acid composition of colostrum and milk of primitive Konik horses was investigated. Colostrum and milk samples from 12 lactating mares were collected at the beginning of lactation, on the days 1 and 2 after foaling and then, starting from the first month of lactation, at 4-week intervals up to the sixth month of lactation. Significant differences were observed in fat content as well as the composition of some analysed fatty acids between colostrum and milk of mares of the Konik breed. The number of foalings and the age of mares did not have a statistically significant effect on the fat content in milk and had only a slight effect on the fatty acid composition. Milk produced by mares of the Konik breed is characterized by a considerable content of polyene fatty acids with 18 carbon atoms, a low ratio of n-6 fatty acids to n-3 fatty acids as well as low, highly advantageous values of atherogenic and thrombogenic indices.


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Fat content and fatty acids profile of colostrum and milk of primitive Konik horses (Equus caballus gmelini Ant.) during six months of lactation

  • Jan Pikul (a1), Jacek Wójtowski (a2), Romualda Danków (a1), Beata Kuczyńska (a3) and Jacek Łojek (a4)...


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