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Foreign Currency Returns and Systematic Risks

  • Victoria Atanasov (a1) and Thomas Nitschka (a2)


We apply an empirical approximation of the intertemporal capital asset pricing model (ICAPM) to show that cross-sectional dispersion in currency returns can be rationalized by differences in currency excess returns’ sensitivities to the market return’s cash-flow news component. This finding echoes recent explanations of the value and growth stock market anomaly. The distinction between cash-flow news and discount-rate news is key to jointly explain average stock and currency returns. Our analysis reveals the presence of a common source of systematic risk in stock and foreign currency returns that is reflected in the market return’s cash-flow news component.


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Foreign Currency Returns and Systematic Risks

  • Victoria Atanasov (a1) and Thomas Nitschka (a2)


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