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The break-up of free films pulled out of a pure liquid bath

  • Lorène Champougny (a1), Emmanuelle Rio (a1), Frédéric Restagno (a1) and Benoit Scheid (a2)


In this paper, we derive a lubrication model to describe the non-stationary free liquid film that is created when a vertical frame is pulled out of a liquid reservoir at a given velocity. We here focus on the case of a pure liquid, corresponding to a stress-free boundary condition at the liquid/air interfaces of the film, and thus employ an essentially extensional description of the flow. Taking into account van der Waals interactions between the interfaces, we observe that film rupture is well defined in time as well as in space, which allows us to compute the critical thickness and the film height at the moment of rupture. The theoretical predictions of the model turn out to be in quantitative agreement with experimental measurements of the break-up height of silicone oil films in a wide range of pulling velocities and supporting fibre diameters.


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