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On the origin of the circular hydraulic jump in a thin liquid film

  • Rajesh K. Bhagat (a1), N. K. Jha (a2), P. F. Linden (a2) and D. Ian Wilson (a1)


This study explores the formation of circular thin-film hydraulic jumps caused by the normal impact of a jet on an infinite planar surface. For more than a century, it has been believed that all hydraulic jumps are created due to gravity. However, we show that these thin-film hydraulic jumps result from energy loss due to surface tension and viscous forces alone. We show that, at the jump, surface tension and viscous forces balance the momentum in the liquid film and gravity plays no significant role. Experiments show no dependence on the orientation of the surface and a scaling relation balancing viscous forces and surface tension collapses the experimental data. A theoretical analysis shows that the downstream transport of surface energy is the previously neglected critical ingredient in these flows, and that capillary waves play the role of gravity waves in a traditional jump in demarcating the transition from the supercritical to subcritical flow associated with these jumps.


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Bhagat et al. supplementary movie 1
Hydraulic jump in water propanol solution

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Bhagat et al. supplementary movie 2
) Formation of a hydraulic jump due to vertical impingement of a liquid jet on a horizontal surface

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Bhagat et al. supplementary movie 3
Change in jump radius by changing the surface tension

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