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Tunable fall velocity of a dense ball in oscillatory cross-sheared concentrated suspensions

  • Frédéric Blanc (a1), Elisabeth Lemaire (a1) and François Peters (a1)

The fall velocity of a dense large ball in a suspension of neutrally buoyant non-Brownian particles subjected to horizontal oscillatory shear is studied. As the strain amplitude is increased, the velocity increases up to a maximum value before decreasing to the value that it would have in a resting suspension. The higher the frequency is, the stronger the effect is. The falling ball velocity can be largely increased in the presence of the oscillatory cross-shear flow. For instance, for a particle volume fraction of $\varPhi =0.47$ it reaches four times the value it has in the unsheared suspension. At small strain amplitudes, it turns out that the velocity of the falling ball is determined by a balance between the steady drag flow, which drives the apparent suspension viscosity toward a high value, and the oscillatory cross-shear, which lessens it. A simple model is proposed to explain the experimental observations at small strain amplitude. The velocity decrease observed at larger amplitude is not completely understood yet.

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