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The susceptibility of different species of sciarid flies to entomopathogenic nematodes

  • D.H. Gouge (a1) and N.G.M. Hague (a1)

Steinernema feltiae is the most effective nematode for controlling sciarid species but S. carpocapsae does exert some control. S. feltiae is less effective at 30°C than at 22°C. S. anomali, S. riobravis and two Heterorhabditis spp. gave better control at the higher temperature. All six sciarid species tested were susceptible to S. feltiae but there was some variation in the level of infection. UK isolates of S. feltiae were more effective against UK sciarids than the nematode isolates from other European countries which were tested. Adult sciarids are infected by S. feltiae and can disperse nematodes to nematode-free compost.

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