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The effect of vidian neurectomy on nasal mucociliary clearance

  • M. A. Greenstone (a1), P. J. Stanley (a1), I. S. Mackay (a2) and P. J. Cole (a2)


The physiological factors controlling mucociliary transport are largely unknown. Nasal mucociliary clearance was measuredusing the saccharin test in seven patients who had previously undergone vidian neurectomy for vasomotor rhinitis. Persistent denervation was suggested by impaired tear secretion. The control group consisted of thirty-four patients with vasomotor rhinitis who had not had surgery. There was no significant difference in clearance times between the two groups, suggesting that mucociliary transport is well preservedin the absence of neural control.


Corresponding author

Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham, North HumbersideHU16 5JQ.


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