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Haemostatic disorders in habitual nose-bleeders

  • Martin Beran (a1), Lennart Stigendal (a2) and Björn Petruson (a1)


Ninety-one habitual nose-bleeders were screened for haemostatic disorders. 46 screening results in 38 nose-bleeders were outside the normal range. After extended investigation, it was found that 25 (27 per cent) habitual nose-bleeders had haemostatic disorders, all except one in the primary haemostasis. The disorders found could be classified as mild bleeding disorders (MBD) and compared to the estimated frequency of MBD in the population there was an increased incidence of haemostatic disorders in the habitual nose-bleeders. Abnormal vessels in the nasal mucosa were present in 85 per cent of the investigated nose-bleeders, equaly distributed between nose-bleeders with and without haemostatic disorders. This indicates that abnormal vessels and haemostatic disorders occur independently of each other. When screening for haemostatic disorders in habitual nose-bleeders, it is possible to detect previously unknown but clinically important disorders.


Corresponding author

M. Beran, M.D., ENT-Department, Uddevalla Hospital, S-451 80 Uddevalla, Sweden.


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