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Helicobacter pylori in the tonsillar tissue: a possible association with chronic tonsillitis and laryngopharyngeal reflux

  • N Siupsinskiene (a1) (a2), I Katutiene (a3), V Jonikiene (a3), D Janciauskas (a4) and S Vaitkus (a2)...
Abstract Objective:

To identify Helicobacter pylori infection in tonsillar tissue samples from patients undergoing tonsillectomy for chronic tonsillitis versus tonsillar hypertrophy, and to assess the possible relationships between H pylori and patients’ sociodemographic data and laryngopharyngeal reflux.


In this prospective study, 97 patients who underwent tonsillectomy were divided into the following 2 groups: patients with chronic tonsillitis (n = 62) and patients with tonsillar hypertrophy (control group; n = 35). H pylori infection in the tonsillar biopsy samples was identified using histochemical and rapid urease tests.


The incidence of H pylori infection was significantly higher in the chronic tonsillitis group (56.5 per cent) compared to the control group (31.4 per cent). Similar findings were obtained for both subgroups of adults (68.6 vs 42.3 per cent) and children (40.7 vs 0.0 per cent). Significant relationships between a positive H pylori finding and laryngopharyngeal reflux related signs of vocal fold oedema, diffuse laryngeal oedema and hypertrophy of the posterior commissure were revealed.


H pylori infection may be related to chronic tonsillitis and laryngopharyngeal reflux.

Corresponding author
Address for correspondence: Dr Nora Siupsinskiene, Department of Otolaryngology, Academy of Medicine, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Eiveniu 2, Kaunas LT-50009, Lithuania Fax: +370 37 326862 E-mail:
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