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Impact of platelet-rich fibrin therapy in tympanoplasty type 1 surgery on graft survival and frequency-specific hearing outcomes: a retrospective analysis in patients with tympanic membrane perforation due to chronic otitis media

  • S Gökçe Kütük (a1) and T Özdaş (a2)



To evaluate the impact of platelet-rich fibrin therapy in tympanoplasty type 1 surgery on graft survival and frequency-specific hearing outcomes.


Patients who underwent tympanoplasty type 1 surgery were randomised into temporal fascia graft alone (n = 55) and temporal fascia graft plus platelet-rich fibrin therapy (n = 36) groups. Graft survival and hearing outcomes were recorded.


Graft survival rates were significantly higher in the temporal fascia graft plus platelet-rich fibrin therapy group than in the temporal fascia graft alone group at one (100.0 vs 85.5 per cent, p = 0.020), three (97.2 vs 80.0 per cent, p = 0.024) and six months post-operatively (94.4 vs 74.5 per cent, p = 0.031). The difference in hearing gain between groups was not significant.


Our findings revealed that the use of a platelet-rich fibrin plus temporal fascia graft for type 1 tympanoplasty was associated with more favourable post-operative outcomes than the use of temporal fascia alone, both in terms of tympanic membrane healing and graft survival; hearing restoration outcomes were similar.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Dr Sinem Gökçe Kütük, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Aydın State Hospital, Turkey E-mail: Fax: +90 256 212 1430


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Dr S Gökçe Kütük takes responsibility for the integrity of the content of the paper



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Impact of platelet-rich fibrin therapy in tympanoplasty type 1 surgery on graft survival and frequency-specific hearing outcomes: a retrospective analysis in patients with tympanic membrane perforation due to chronic otitis media

  • S Gökçe Kütük (a1) and T Özdaş (a2)


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