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Outcomes of transoral laser microsurgical management of T1b stage glottic cancer

  • J A Song (a1), M H Rigby (a1), J Trites (a1), R D Hart (a1) and S M Taylor (a1)...
Abstract Objective:

This study aimed to evaluate the oncological and voice outcomes of transoral laser microsurgery for tumour stage T1b stage glottic cancer patients.


A prospective cohort study in a tertiary care head and neck cancer centre included tumour–node–metastasis stage T1bN0M0 glottic cancer patients scheduled to undergo transoral laser microsurgery from January 2002 until June 2014. Kaplan–Meier five-year analyses of local control, overall survival, disease-specific survival and laryngeal preservation were performed. Voice Handicap Index-10 scores and maximum phonation times were also recorded.


Twenty-one participants with a mean age of 66.8 years were enrolled. The mean follow up was 56.5 months. Kaplan–Meier 5-year survival analysis illustrated a local control rate of 82 per cent, overall survival of 88 per cent, disease-specific survival of 100 per cent, and laryngeal preservation of 100 per cent. The pre-operative Voice Handicap Index-10 score was 19.1 ± 9.47 (mean ± standard deviation (SD)) and the post-operative scores were 13.5 ± 9.29 at three months, 10.44 ± 9.70 at one year and 5.83 ± 4.91 at two years. The pre-operative maximum phonation time was 16.23 ± 5.46 seconds (mean ± SD) and the post-operative values were 14.44 ± 6.73 seconds at three months, 15.27 ± 5.71 seconds at one year and 14.33 ± 6.44 seconds at two years.


Transoral laser microsurgery yields relatively high rates of oncological control and acceptable voice outcomes, and thus shows utility as a primary treatment modality for T1b glottic cancer.

Corresponding author
Address for correspondence: Dr J S A Song, Dalhousie Medical School, 5850 College St, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 1X5 Canada E-mail:
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