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Protective effects of vitamins E, B and C and l-carnitine in the prevention of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in rats

  • S Alıcura Tokgöz (a1), E Vuralkan (a1), N D Sonbay (a1), M Çalişkan (a2), C Saka (a1), Ö Beşalti (a2) and İ Akin (a1)...

This experimental study aimed to investigate the effects of vitamins E, B and C and l-carnitine in preventing cisplatin-induced ototoxicity.


Twenty-five adult, male, Wistar albino rats were randomly allocated to receive intraperitoneal cisplatin either alone or preceded by vitamins B, E or C or l-carnitine. Auditory brainstem response (i.e. hearing thresholds and wave I–IV intervals) and distortion product otoacoustic emissions (i.e. signal-to-noise ratios) were recorded before and 72 hours after cisplatin administration.


The following statistically significant differences were seen: control group pre- vs post-treatment wave I–IV interval values (p < 0.05); control vs vitamin E and B groups' I–IV interval values (p < 0.05); control vs other groups' hearing thresholds; vitamin E vs vitamin B and C and l-carnitine groups' hearing thresholds (p < 0.05); and vitamin B vs vitamin C and l-carnitine groups' hearing thresholds (p < 0.05). Statistically significant decreases were seen when comparing the initial and final signal-to-noise ratios in the control, vitamin B and l-carnitine groups (2000 and 3000 Hz; p < 0.01), and the initial and final signal-to-noise ratios in the control group (at 4000 Hz; p < 0.01).


Vitamins B, E and C and l-carnitine appear to reduce cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in rats. The use of such additional treatments to decrease cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in humans is still under discussion.

Corresponding author
Address for correspondence: Dr Sibel Alicura Tokgöz, First ENT Clinic, Dışkapı Yldırım Beyazıt Training and Research Hospital, Ministry of Health, Ankara, Turkey E-mail:
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