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Dy3+-doped Selenide Glasses for 1.3-μm Optical Fiber Amplifiers

  • Zhiyong Yang (a1), Wei Chen (a2) and Lan Luo (a2)

The GexGa5Se(95−x) glasses, where x = 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5, 29.17, 30, 32.5, and 35, all doped with 0.05 mol% Dy3+ were prepared and studied. Thermal stabilities, optical properties, and 1.3 μm emission properties of the glasses were investigated. Strong fluorescence centered at 1.34 μm with a bandwidth of 92 nm was observed. Three phenomenological intensity parameters were obtained: Ω2 =12.64 × 10−20, Ω4 =2.94 × 10−20, and Ω6 =1.48 × 10−20 cm2 by Judd–Ofelt analysis. A new method estimating lifetime of overlapping energy level was introduced. Lifetimes of 520 μs were measured for the 1.3 μm transition, and the quantum efficiency was 36.8% according to the new method.

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