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The effect of Ti, Nb, and Ta additions to ZrAlCu metallic glass on the crystallization and formation of the icosahedral phase

  • J.B. Qiang (a1), W. Zhang (a1), G.Q. Xie (a1) and A. Inoue (a1)


The addition of Ti, Nb, or Ta altered the crystallization behavior of the Zr65Al7.5Cu27.5 glass, and a metastable nanoscaled I-phase was obtained on primary crystallization of these quaternary glasses. The complete substitution of Al by Nb also led to the precipitation of I-phase upon crystallization. Negative heats of mixing between the addition metals and the transition metals of the mother alloy were demonstrated to be not a necessary condition for I-phase formation in the present alloy system.


Corresponding author

a) Address all correspondence to this author. e-mail: On leave from Dalian University of Technology, People’s Republic of China.


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