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Enhanced visible photocatalytic activity of nitrogen doped single-crystal-like TiO2 by synergistic treatment with urea and mixed nitrates

  • Chenxi Li (a1), Zengying Zhao (a2), Hamukwaya Shindume Lomboleni (a2), Hongwei Huang (a3) and Zhijian Peng (a1)...

N-doped single-crystal-like TiO2 is claimed to be a very promising material among various catalytic. In this paper, N-doped single-crystal-like TiO2 (N-S-TiO2) samples were firstly prepared by molten salt method with urea and mixed nitrates as synergistic doping agents, therein, the mixed nitrates works also as a morphology modifier to form a single-crystal-like structure in the sample. The nitrogen content in the N-S-TiO2 sample could be improved because of the adding of NaNO3 and KNO3 mixed nitrates compared with using urea as a single nitrogen source. UV–Vis absorption spectroscopy analysis indicated that the nitrogen doped TiO2 has a red shift of the light absorption edge. The presence of N–O bonds on the surface of the N-S-TiO2 samples could be confirmed by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The degradation efficiency of N-S-TiO2 to methylene blue under visible light is the best compared with different TiO2 samples without the treatment of mixed nitrates.

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Contributing Editor: Xiaobo Chen
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