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Epitaxial stabilization of orthorhombic cuprous oxide films on MgO(110)

  • Paul R. Markworth (a1), R. P. H. Chang (a1), Y. Sun (a2), G. K. Wong (a2) and J. B. Ketterson (a2)...


Continuous epitaxial films of cuprous oxide (Cu2O) have been formed by the thermal oxidation of 1.5-μm-thick Cu metal films deposited on MgO(110) substrates. These films melted at 1118 °C in air, in agreement with equilibrium phase diagrams. Upon cooling from the liquid, a highly crystalline, epitaxial, 2.5-μm-thick Cu2O film was formed. X-ray diffraction spectroscopy revealed that the Cu2O film crystal structure was orthorhombically distorted from the bulk cubic crystal structure. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy showed that the film is coherent, and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy showed that interdiffusion is limited to the interface. These results suggest that a new epitaxially stabilized phase of Cu2O has been formed.



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Epitaxial stabilization of orthorhombic cuprous oxide films on MgO(110)

  • Paul R. Markworth (a1), R. P. H. Chang (a1), Y. Sun (a2), G. K. Wong (a2) and J. B. Ketterson (a2)...


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