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Graphene oxide nanocomposites for potential wearable solar cells—A review

  • Raul Simões (a1) and Victor Neto (a1)


With the emergence of flexible/stretchable electronics, flexible solar cells (SCs) are able to attract much academic and industrial attention due to its advantages of lightweight, foldability, low cost, and extensive applications. Wearable technology has become a hot topic in the tech industry in this few years, shirts that read wearer's biological and physiological information are just beginning to make their way into society and will change the way that we interact with technology. The high strength and good electronic properties of graphene fiber make it a good candidate for some specific applications, such as wearable SCs, since it can be obtained at relatively low cost and it is amongst the strongest commercial yarns in existence. In this review, a summarized state of the art regarding wearable SCs is presented including several applications of graphene and its derivatives with their remarkable unconventional applications.


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