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Microstructure and electrochemical properties of nanoporous gold produced by dealloying Au-based thin film nanoglass

  • Pierre Denis (a1), Hans-Jörg Fecht (a1), Yanpeng Xue (a2), Eirini Maria Paschalidou (a2), Paola Rizzi (a2) and Livio Battezzati (a2)...

In this study, Au-based nanoglasses in the form of thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering are comparatively dealloyed. The films have either nanograined or nanocolumnar microstructure, depending on the working pressure of Ar in the sputtering chamber. Nanocolumnar thin films exhibit much higher dealloying rate reducing effectively the dealloying time with respect to nanograined and homogenous thin films. Electrocatalysis experiments indicate that the resulting nanoporous films are active for the methanol electrooxidation, with promising results in term of stability especially for the dealloyed nanocolumnar film.

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