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Microstructure of cosputter-deposited metal- and oxide-MoS2 solid lubricant thin films

  • M. R. Hilton (a1), G. Jayaram (a2) and L. D. Marks (a2)


The effect of cosputtering small amounts of Ni (3%, 9%) and SbOx (20%) on the final microstructure of MoS2 lubricant thin films has been studied using a combination of scanning and transmission electron microscopy imaging, and electron and x-ray diffraction techniques. The early-growth, near-interface microstructure of both MoS2 and 3% Ni–MoS2 cosputtered films is revealed to be a mixture of (002) basal and elongated, large-size (100) and (110) edge islands. Cosputtering with 9% Ni induces a dramatic change in the microstructure, i.e., primarily basal domains with very small isolated regions of edge islands, while cosputtering with 20% SbOx produces films having no long-range order. The results are compared with and are consistent with previously published x-ray absorption fine structure data. The impact of film morphology on tribological performance is discussed.



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