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Structure of shear bands in Pd40Ni40P20 bulk metallic glass

  • Y.M. Chen (a1), T. Ohkubo, T. Mukai (a1) and K. Hono (a2)


The atomic structure of shear bands in Pd40Ni40P20 bulk metallic glass has been compared to an undeformed matrix phase using pair distribution functions (PDFs) derived from energy filtered nanobeam electron diffraction. Shear bands do not show any characteristic contrast in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images when specimens are prepared with uniform thickness. PDFs from a shear band exhibit a slight decrease in the first peak, indicating a slight difference in packing density and short range order compared to the undeformed matrix.


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Structure of shear bands in Pd40Ni40P20 bulk metallic glass

  • Y.M. Chen (a1), T. Ohkubo, T. Mukai (a1) and K. Hono (a2)


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