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Temperature and irradiation species dependence of radiation response of nanocrystalline silicon carbide

  • Laura Jamison (a1), Kumar Sridharan (a2), Steve Shannon (a3) and Izabela Szlufarska (a4)

The grain size dependence of the radiation response of silicon carbide (SiC) has been studied under 1.0 MeV Kr2+ ion irradiation. It was found that radiation resistance decreased with grain refinement, in contrast to previous studies on the same nanocrystalline (nc) SiC material using Si ion and high voltage electron irradiation. The effect of grain size on radiation response may depend upon the ion species used due to a potential change in amorphization mechanism. It was also determined that temperature had a strong effect on the grain size dependence of the radiation response in SiC due to the activation temperatures of critical recombination and migration reactions. This work explores the possible impacts of irradiation species, temperature, and experimental design on the radiation response of SiC.

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