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Aims & scope

Journal of Materials Research (JMR) is a premier archival journal devoted to publishing materials science research that demonstrates a significant scientific advance or understanding in materials science. The Journal is particularly interested in advanced materials topics involving ceramics, metals, polymers, combinations, and material combinations related to energy, electrical, magnetic, optical, structural properties and related applications.

• Advanced characterization methods and techniques
• Computational materials science when coupled with experimentation
• Fundamental materials science
• Interfacial science as relates to material process understanding and improvements
• Material property enhancements through advances in materials processing
• Material property enhancements through material design (especially Materials Genome related)
• Material combinations and design that improve system performance
• Nanoscience and nanotechnology

The following topics are outside the scope of JMR—asphalt, concrete, cement, naturally-occurring materials such as clay, minerals, rice husks and traditional materials, and statistically designed experiments—unless a significant improvement in properties or materials science is demonstrated.

Watch an MRS TV interview from the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting with Gary Messing, editor-in-chief, and Scott Misture, principal editor.