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JMR Focus Issues

Although each regular issue of JMR covers a wide range of materials research topics, special Focus Issues devoted entirely or in part to a single topic are published several times a year. These Focus Issues allow the journal to provide a comprehensive look at the current research in a particular area of interest to JMR readers.

Call for Papers 

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on mechanical properties and microstructure of advanced metallic alloys – in Honor of Prof. Hael Mughrabi
Submission deadline: May 1, 2017
This Focus issue will honor the contributions of Prof. Hael Mughrabi, and will present latest developments in understanding the mechanical properties and microstructure of advanced metallic alloys.

JMR Call for Papers

Early Career Scholars in Materials Science Annual Issue
January 2018

Submission deadline: June 1, 2017 

This third Annual Issue invites full length research and review articles by materials researchers, who have completed their Ph.D but not yet achieved full professorship at the time of submission, for peer review and publication in the January 2018 issue. 

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue: Electrocatalysts for Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution
Submission deadline: August 1, 2017
This Focus Issue will highlight recent developments in electrocatalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions, in both fundamental and applied science, from the molecular scale to the reactor and system design.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on Advanced Atomistic Algorithms in Materials Science
Submission deadline: April 2018 
Research papers are solicited in the development or use of innovative methods that push the boundaries of atomistic simulations in materials science. Papers concerning novel atomistic methods that are uniquely able to leverage modern computer architectures are also encouraged.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on Porous Carbon and Carbonaceous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Submission deadline: May 2018 
This JMR Focus Issue will present a broad range of topics covering the synthesis, characterization and applications of porous carbon and carbonaceous materials. Both original research articles and reviews dedicated to the demonstration of the versatile roles of these materials in energy conversion and storage will be considered. 

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue on Wide Energy Gap Semiconductors: Material Issues and Device Implications
Submission deadline: June 2018 
This JMR This Focus Issue will present results corresponding to both traditional wide energy gap semiconductors, and some of more recent interest. An emphasis will be placed on the material properties of these semiconductors, and the role that such properties play in defining the range of device applications possible.  

Published Focus Issues

The following JMR Focus Issues have been published and are available online to JMR subscribers and subscribing institutions: