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JMR Focus Issues

Although each regular issue of JMR covers a wide range of materials research topics, special Focus Issues devoted entirely or in part to a single topic are published several times a year. These Focus Issues allow the journal to provide a comprehensive look at the current research in a particular area of interest to JMR readers.

Call for Papers 

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue: Sandphobic Thermal/Environmental Barrier Coatings for Gas Turbine Engines
Submission deadline: February
1, 2020
This JMR Focus Issue will highlight research on sand ingestion into gas turbine engines and potential mitigation strategies.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue: Porous Metals—from Nano to Macro
Submission deadline:
March 1, 2020
This JMR Focus Issue will highlight processing, microstructure, properties, and performance of porous metals and alloys, and welcomes innovative research using modeling and/or experimental approaches.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue: Advanced Nanomechanical Testing
Submission deadline: August 14, 2020
The goal of this JMR Focus Issue will expand the scope of nanomechanical testing methods beyond classical nanoindentation.

JMR Call for Papers

Focus Issue: Early Career Scholars in Materials Science 2021
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2020
JMR publishes the latest advances about the creation of new materials and materials with novel functionalities, fundamental understanding of processes that control the response of materials, and development of materials with significant performance improvements relative to state of the art materials.

Published Focus Issues

The following JMR Focus Issues have been published and are available online to JMR subscribers and subscribing institutions: