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Bryozoan fauna of the Lake Valley Formation (Mississippian), New Mexico

  • Andrej Ernst (a1), Karl Krainer (a2) and Spencer G. Lucas (a3)


Ten bryozoan species are described from the Andrecito and Tierra Blanca members of the Lake Valley Formation (Mississippian) of Sierra County, New Mexico, USA. One genus, with one species, is new—a cystoporate, Cystomeson sierraensis n. gen. n. sp. The bryozoans indicate quieter and deeper conditions in the Andrecito Member and more agitated and shallower conditions in the Tierra Blanca Member. The species identified in this study are endemic to North America, whereas at the generic level, the composition is rather cosmopolitan.




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Bryozoan fauna of the Lake Valley Formation (Mississippian), New Mexico

  • Andrej Ernst (a1), Karl Krainer (a2) and Spencer G. Lucas (a3)


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