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Kansaphyllum, a new Late Pennsylvanian phylloid algal genus

  • D. L. Baars (a1)


Phylloid (leaf-shaped) fossil algae are common constituents in sedimentary rocks of Late Pennsylvanian through Early Permian age in the Midcontinent, U.S.A., commonly producing porous algal-rich bioherms that may be prolific petroleum reservoir rocks. During the course of re-evaluating the paleontological character of these fossil algae in Kansas, remarkably well-preserved codiacean algae were found in an oncolitic nodule in the Wakarusa Limestone Member of the Bern Limestone (Virgilian) in Lyon County, Kansas. Although this is the locality and stratigraphic bed from which the genotype Anchicodium funile Johnson, 1946, was collected, the new alga is not of that genus, but occurs with specimens of Anchicodium.



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