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The otarionine trilobites Harpidella and Maurotarion, with species from northwestern Canada, the United States, and Australia

  • Jonathan M. Adrain (a1) and Brian D. E. Chatterton (a2)


Maurotarion Alberti, 1969, is a diverse otarionine clade that can be readily distinguished from Harpidella M'Coy, 1849. Both genera appear in the Upper Ordovician and range until the Middle Devonian. A new diagnosis for each taxon is given. New species of the genera from the Ordovician and Silurian of the central Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada, include Harpidella kurrii (Ashgill), H. tikkaneni (Llandovery), H. greggi (Wenlock), and Maurotarion messieri (Llandovery). Harpidella megalops (M'Coy, 1846), H. triloba (Hu, 1975), H. spinafrons (Williams in Cooper and Williams, 1935), Maurotarion struszi (Chatterton, 1971), and M. instita (Whittington and Campbell, 1967) are revised.



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