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Terminal Early Cambrian extinction of the Olenellina: Documentation from the Pioche Formation, Nevada

  • A. R. Palmer (a1)


The extinction of the Olenellina on Laurentia can be located within centimeters in the C-shale or uppermost Combined Metals Limestone members of the Pioche Formation in eastern Nevada. Olenellid species diversity beneath the extinction boundary is not diminished. One of the richest Laurentian intervals for articulated olenellids is in the 50 centimeters of shale immediately below the extinction boundary at Ruin Wash. Additional morphological information about some of the species comes from a silicified fauna 1.8 m below the extinction boundary at Hidden Valley. The olenellid fauna from the 2-meter interval below the extinction boundary is described. Questions about current generic and subgeneric relationships are discussed. Among general observations, intraspecific variability unrelated to size or taphonomic effects is minimal for most species; at least two species may have been capable of enrollment; and visual surfaces of one species show no evidence of facets. New species include: Olenellus (Olenellus?) fowleri, Olenellus (Paedeumias) chiefensis, Olenellus (Paedeumias) terminatus, Bolbolenellus brevispinus, and Nephrolenellus geniculatus. Olenellus (Olenellus) gilberti Meek and Olenellus (Olenellus) howelli Meek are revised.



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Terminal Early Cambrian extinction of the Olenellina: Documentation from the Pioche Formation, Nevada

  • A. R. Palmer (a1)


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