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Physics of ultimate detachment of a tokamak divertor plasma

  • S. I. Krasheninnikov (a1) and A. S. Kukushkin (a2) (a3)

The basic physics of the processes playing the most important role in divertor plasma detachment is reviewed. The models used in the two-dimensional edge plasma transport codes that are widely used to address different issues of the edge plasma physics and to simulate the experimental data, as well as the numerical schemes and convergence issues, are described. The processes leading to ultimate divertor plasma detachment, the transition to and the stability of the detached regime, as well as the impact of the magnetic configuration and divertor geometry on detachment, are considered. A consistent, integral physical picture of ultimate detachment of a tokamak divertor plasma is developed.

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      Physics of ultimate detachment of a tokamak divertor plasma
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      Physics of ultimate detachment of a tokamak divertor plasma
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      Physics of ultimate detachment of a tokamak divertor plasma
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