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One partially ordered set, Q, is a Tukey quotient of another, P, if there is a map (a Tukey quotient) $\phi :P \to Q$ carrying cofinal sets of P to cofinal sets of Q. Two partial orders which are mutual Tukey quotients of each other are said to be Tukey equivalent. Let ${\cal D}_{\rm{}} $ be the partially ordered set of Tukey equivalence classes of directed sets of size $ \le {\rm{}}$ . It is shown that ${\cal D}_{\rm{}} $ contains an antichain of size $2^{\rm{}} $ , and so has size $2^{\rm{}} $ . The elements of the antichain are of the form ${\cal K}\left( M \right)$ , the set of compact subsets of a separable metrizable space M, ordered by inclusion. The order structure of such ${\cal K}\left( M \right)$ ’s under Tukey quotients is investigated. Relative Tukey quotients are introduced. Applications are given to function spaces and to the complexity of weakly countably determined Banach spaces and Gul’ko compacta.



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