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The CORALZOO project: a synopsis of four years of public aquarium science

  • Ronald Osinga (a1), Miriam Schutter (a1), Tim Wijgerde (a1), Buki Rinkevich (a2), Shai Shafir (a2), Muki Shpigel (a3), Gian Marco Luna (a4), Roberto Danovaro (a4), Lucia Bongiorni (a4), Andreas Deutsch (a5), Michael Kuecken (a5), Bart Hiddinga (a6), Max Janse (a7), Andrew McLeod (a8), Claudia Gili (a9), Silvia Lavorano (a9), Stephane Henard (a10), Dominique Barthelemy (a11), Guido Westhoff (a12), Nuria Baylina (a13), Elsa Santos (a13), Anton Weissenbacher (a14), Michael Kuba (a14), Rachel Jones (a15), Rob Leewis (a16), Dirk Petersen (a16) and Michael Laterveer (a16)...


In order to improve the methodology for growing and maintaining corals in captivity, a consortium of European zoos, aquaria and academia executed a four-year public/private collaborative research and innovation project (CORALZOO) on the breeding and husbandry of stony corals. CORALZOO comprised the following topics: (1) sexual and asexual breeding of corals in captivity, including techniques for propagation, feeding and induction of natural coral colony morphogenesis; and (2) coral husbandry: development of generic bioassays to evaluate biotic and abiotic husbandry parameters and to monitor coral health, elaboration of methods for identification and treatment of coral diseases and optimization of transport and acclimation procedures. The results of this project are reviewed.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: R. Osinga, Wageningen University, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Wageningen, The Netherlands email:


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