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Description of a new species of Abyssoninoe (Polychaeta: Lumbrineridae) from north-east Sicily (central Mediterranean Sea)

  • Michela D'Alessandro (a1) (a2), Andrea Cosentino (a2), Salvatore Giacobbe (a2), Franco Andaloro (a3) and Teresa Romeo (a1)...


A new species of Abyssoninoe (Polychaeta: Lumbrineridae) has been found on sublittoral soft bottoms in the Gulf of Milazzo (central Mediterranean Sea). The description is based on eleven specimens recorded in six grab samples carried out by Van Veen grab from 20 to 50 m depth. Abyssoninoe bidentata sp. nov. differs from the six hitherto known species of Abyssoninoe by having the maxillae III with two subequal teeth instead of one, the shape of the parapodial lobes and chaetal distribution.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: M. D'Alessandro, ISPRA, Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, STS Palermo, Laboratory of Ichthyology and Marine Ecology of Milazzo, Via dei Mille, 46-98057 Milazzo(ME), Italy email:


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