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Distribution, abundance and assemblages of decapod crustaceans in waters off Guinea-Bissau (north-west Africa)

  • Isabel Muñoz (a1), Eva García-Isarch (a1), Ignacio Sobrino (a1), Candelaria Burgos (a1), Rita Funny (a2) and Marcos González-Porto (a3)...

This study constitutes a first contribution to the knowledge of the ecology of the decapod crustaceans in waters off Guinea-Bissau. Samples were collected during a survey undertaken between October and November 2008. A total of 122 species of decapod crustaceans were identified. Results showed an increase of decapod biomass and abundance with depth, reaching maxima values in the 200–500 m depth stratum but decreasing at depths over 500 m. Average diversity by strata increased with depth, with maximum over the deep slope. Seven main assemblages were identified: five primarily associated with depth—coastal shelf (<60 m), shelf (60–200 m), upper slope (200–300 m), middle slope (300–500 m), deep slope (500–1000 m)—and two other northern shelf assemblages affected by sediment type—coastal shelf-north (<50 m) and shelf-north (50–100 m). Species of each assemblage are typified. This study provides new information about composition, distribution, abundance and assemblage structure of decapod crustaceans in Guinea-Bissau that may be useful for future assessment of the effect of trawling pressure in the area.

Corresponding author
Correspondence should be addressed to: I. Muñoz, Instituto Español de Oceanografía, C.O. de Cádiz, Puerto Pesquero, Muelle de Levante s/n, 11006 Cádiz (Spain) email:
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